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Ever wondered about the deafening silence that has followed, across generations, to the mere mention of the word “sex” out loud? Why are you stared at, with a squint eye, if you try to question our culture of “boy-girl no touching, girl-girl no touching, boy-boy no touching.”

As a young 21-year old woman trying to understand the basics, I started asking these questions. I never really got any answers.

So I went ahead and did my own research.


Why It Matters

Reported they “usually” or “always” orgasm during sex.*


Described recent sex as “not at all pleasurable.*


Reported they received “comprehensive” sex education in India.*


And that, folks, is how Manzuri was born.

*This survey was conducted in the year 2021 and received 10,000 responses. It was circulated across the country.

Intimate Wellness is a Vast Concept

From male-focused content to larger questions around consent, what you know is too often dependent on which corner of the internet you hail from. Or as in the case of our founders- your family. Aastha and Ritesh have been best friends since they were 13, and too young to understand the differences in the worlds they came from. As they grew up, they started to learn from each others’ experiences.

Aastha taught Ritesh about the ugliest parts of the world as we know it and how she and so many others learn to navigate it. Ritesh taught Aastha about the world he came from, one that had no judgement despite rigorous honesty and communication. They realised the true gap in the society was for a bridge that helped people navigate from the former to the latter. In a country which has policed women for millenia, liberation seemed like the perfect place to start fighting back.


Aastha Vohra


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Ritesh Ritelin


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If you’ve ever watched Shark Tank, you’ve definitely dreamed of pitching a business of your own! If you're really, really lucky, you get to watch this dream come true. So imagine our surprise one fine morning to be invited onto India’s biggest entrepreneurial-themed reality show, Shark Tank India.

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