Close-up of a woman's hands massaging the forehead and eyes of another woman, with a calming light in the background.

The Massage Whisperer’s Guide: Tips for Givers & Self-Care Lovers | Blog | Manzuri Select

Picture this: your partner has spent hours hunched over a hot stove, masterfully crafting a...
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Two Lego figurines stand facing each other, holding hands in agreement

Navigating the Sheets: Your GPS for Consensual Sex | Blog | Manzuri Select

You know how hitting the open road on a bike or car comes with its...
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Close-up of a pink rose with soft petals and green leaves, set against a vibrant blue background.

A flower like no other: Exploring the Gulaabo Personal Massager

Picture this: me, sitting with my younger friends, regaling them with tales of the good...
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