How to Write a Great Review

This guide includes all the information you’ll need to become part of our pool of potential Manzuri testers and reviewers. You’ll be glad to hear you’re already on the right track by being a Manzuri Customer. Now you need to start reviewing those. You can submit a review for any product on the site by using the ‘Write a Review’ button in the Customer Review section of an item’s product page.


All reviews are checked by our review team before going live on the product page. Once published, these are referred to as ‘live reviews’. If we feel that your reviews are well written, honest and informative, and that you have contributed positively to the programme, you may then be selected to receive free items to review for Manzuri. More Info: If you’re unsure on what makes a great review there’s a really good ‘How to Write a Great Review’ guide below that will help you see what we look out for.

How to Write a Great Review!

When you review your purchases on Manzuri, your aim is to give other people the information that they can’t find on the product page: an opinion on how it performs and whether you think it’s worth spending the money on. The best reviews are those that help someone else make an informed decision about the right toy for them. It doesn’t matter whether you loved a toy or thought it was awful, the most important thing is to describe how it made you feel and what someone else would find if they bought the same item. Remember to use your item a couple of times before you pass judgment on it. First impressions do count, but you might find your opinion changes (for better or worse) after a couple of sessions. When writing a sex toy review for Manzuri, think about the following things:

     1. If I could sum up a toy in three phrases, what would I say?

The main thing other people want from your review is your personal experience - in a nutshell. “Amazing when used as a clitoral stimulator during penetration”, “woefully lacking in power”, “incredibly and pleasurably tight” are important things you want to say about the toy and even more importantly, they’re things that customers want to know.

     2. Is the information already covered on the product page?

If there are photos of the packaging, you don’t need to describe it for five paragraphs. If the measurements and materials are listed, you don’t need to state them unless there’s something important to add e.g. “6 inch circumference doesn’t sound much, but when combined with the material this feels like a really girthy toy”. It’s much more important to comment on things people can't tell from measurements - how noisy was it, how strong were the vibrations? If you think Manzuri’s got something wrong in the details, contact us so we can double check.

      3. Am I waffling?

Manzuri customers read a few reviews to get a balanced view, so don’t usually spend much time reading each one. Make sure your ‘pros’, ‘cons’ and ‘bottom line’ cover the key points, for the skim readers. The best reviews are between 4 and 10 paragraphs in length, so if you wrote your review for your blog, cut it down to the most important points for Manzuri.

      4. Am I being too explicit?

Seems like an odd question to ask when you’re writing a review of a sex toy, doesn’t it? Other shoppers don’t want to know the ins and outs of your anatomy when it comes to a sex toy review, so try to keep it out of the realms of a biology class or a porno flick.

And finally

Re-read your review when you have finished and make sure you have:
  • Explained what the product does.
  • Described the product’s best/worst features.
  • Described your experience using the product.
  • Explained why the product would (or wouldn’t) be right for someone else.